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A salad a day keeps the doctor away, RIGHT !! As founder, and CEO what a great concept to apply to my own life while enriching the lives of others.... I hope you enjoy the Seasons and Reasons Eatery experience, stay active, make healthy lifestyle choices and enjoy the many wonders of this place we call earth. I’m proud to present to you a Salad Eatery, Marketplace and Catering concept that is innovated, digitalized and forward thinking. The catalyst;- Volunteer Experience with the Peace Corps, Yes!! While serving in Sierra Leone, West Africa as an Agricultural Rice Extension Instructor, training farmers on indigenous irrigation systems in a historically male dominate industry, I learned to open my heart to the kind and gentle spirit of our ancestral wisdom. It was this cultural richness and closeness to the land that was transformative. And, eventually lead me on a journey in pursuit of a heathy and happy food concept that captured the essence of that shift. Fast forward here we are today, “Seasons and Reasons”. Salads that are clean, healthy, sporty, wise, classy and inclusive.

Every day or special occasions "Seasons and Reasons"is a lifestyle choice that makes sense.